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Critical Thinking Ep. 47: Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness

New Critical Thinking podcast up for your listening pleasure.

Audio-only show today, so enjoy or find it on your favorite podcasting platform if you missed the live show.

Critical Thinking Ep. 47: Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness
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January 03, 2023
Donald Trump Blames Abortion For 2022 GOP Failure

Donald Trump decided to blame the GOP's failure to reach its goals in the 2022 election on "abortion extremists." Was he right or could it have been that all the losers that cost Team GOP in the election were highly Trump-backed candidates and he's just CYA?

January 03, 2023
ESPN Finds God, Temporarily...

ESPN decided it finally would give in to God, calling on everyone to pray as Buffalo Bills player, Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field and was in critical condition after a seemingly routine play in the game. While, we certainly would agree with ESPN that prayers are needed, does ESPN really mean it or was this just a ploy for temporary sympathy? God does not take to being mocked or used kindly, so unless ESPN is now in service of God, not politics, maybe they should think twice about their actions.

Mr. Thomas Beats the Girls Again | The Afterthought 03/18/22

The man currently calling himself Lia Thomas won the NCAA women's 500-yard swimming championship on Thursday. Protests raged on both sides of the trans-athlete debate outside the venue, while Mr. Thomas dominated in the pool.

We discuss the reaction and ask are compassion and competition something that can or should co-exist in sports. #QuestionEverything #TheAfterthought #CriticalThinking

September 18, 2020
Critical Thinking 9/18/20 Preview

What's coming up on today's show? Here's a small preview for you...would you like more of these?

Critical Thinking 9/18/20 Preview
September 06, 2020
Intro to Critically Thinking Through History

What is Critically Thinking Through History? Well, let us introduce you to what the podcast will be about.

Intro to Critically Thinking Through History
Interview with Libertarian VP nominee Spike Cohen

A treat just for you members here!

Here is the Spike Cohen interview from Friday's show in its entirety. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Interview with Libertarian VP nominee Spike Cohen
September 26, 2023
Trump Continues to Show His True Abortion Colors | 09/26/23

Donald Trump continues to run to the left of everyone else in the GOP field on abortion. Is it a losing strategy as well as morally bankrupt? Also, has Donald Trump changed since 2016 and are the Atlanta Braves going to win the World Series this year? What about Americans having too much freedom? All that and more on this #TruthOrFiction Tuesday.

September 25, 2023
Court of Public Opinion vs. Tim Ballard | 09/25/23

Tim Ballard, founder and former CEO of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), has had multiple allegations made against him of both a sexual and financial nature. Many have taken to condemnation and others to backing him up. But, in the court of public opinion it seems he's already guilty. It's par for the course in today's culture, but does it make it right or just? Nope. Do we know the truth? Nope. Yet everyone wants to jump to conclusions. Let's let the truth play out instead of rushing to any conclusion. Also, what's happening with the UAW and their strike against the big three automakers? A 32-hour work week for 40 hours of pay? A return to guaranteed pensions? What's it mean and what's the reality?

September 22, 2023
What's an Open Border? | 09/22/23

Democrats continue to deny the crisis at the Souther border, after all there's no such thing as an "open border" according to them. Also, Ron DeSantis takes down the mainstream media narrative of "trust the CDC" and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) takes on Merrick Garland's continued stonewalling of congressional oversight. Oh, and a brand new #RichardOfTheWeek is crowned as well.

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