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February 25, 2021
IL's 'Criminal Justice Reform' w/ Dominick Izzo | 02/25/21

Join us today as we talk all things local. What if I told you that an alderman blocked a new school coming in to a National Historical Registry school in favor of a 28-story glass high rise? What if that same Alderman worked for & is funded by the CTU? What if I told you his chief of staff gets in to screaming matches with the people they are there to serve? Oh, it happened and it's time to use this platform to oust him from office.

We'll be joined by Dominck Izzo of the Rants of Izzo (7pm ET right here on MoJo 5.0 Radio) in the 2nd half of the show to talk about IL's new "criminal justice reform" bill.

By the way, Alderman James Cappleman, you have a standing invitation to join this program at any point in time to discuss the actions of your staff and yourself.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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